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8 Tips for Maintaining Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

Dentist doctor prescribing a treatment to a pregnant woman smiling while sitting on dental chair

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This joyful period brings forth myriad changes, and safeguarding your overall health remains paramount. Amidst all the joy and anticipation, plus the vitamins and medical appointments, it’s easy to overlook your own well-being, including your oral health. Pregnancy can impact your dental well-being in unforeseen ways, underscoring the importance of maintaining […]

Early Detection, Early Intervention: Catching Dental Issues in Their Tracks

We’ve all heard the saying ‘prevention is better than cure,’ but do we really understand the wisdom behind it? It’s easy to sail through life when young, our bodies healing quicker and bouncing back from most issues. Only when dental or physical health problems occur do we understand the importance of prevention and maintenance. In […]

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