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A Teenager’s Guide to ClearCorrect Aligners

Nobody can deny the appeal of a straight and even smile. However, achieving an aesthetically balanced smile is not always so easy on the eyes. Braces, dental appliances made of metal wires and brackets have always been the go-to solution for teeth and bite misalignments. This means that you must spend the duration of your treatment, which can last anywhere from one to three years, with metal on your teeth. 


Braces are highly effective in correcting orthodontic problems, but their appearance becomes a discerning factor when getting treatment, especially for teenagers and adults. If your teen has been looking for a subtle teeth straightening solution, then ClearCorrect aligners may be your answer. Interested? Read on to discover what ClearCorrect treatment involves, its benefits, and the do’s and don’ts to make an informed decision for your teenage kid. 

What are ClearCorrect Aligners?

The clear alternative to braces, ClearCorrect aligners is a custom-made aligner system made of a transparent plastic material. They fit your teeth snugly without brackets and wires, gradually moving them into the desired positions. ClearCorrect aligners can be removed for eating and cleaning your teeth and must be worn for 22 hours daily for optimal results.


The treatment involves using advanced digital technology to create a personalised treatment plan that facilitates precise tooth movement for predictable and successful treatment results. Your teenager will be given a series of custom-made aligners; each one must be worn for two weeks before moving to the next. These aligners are virtually indetectable because of the clear material, making it easy for kids to stick to the treatment without affecting their appearance or social life. 

Benefits of ClearCorrect Aligners

Compared to traditional braces, clear aligners offer various benefits that make them a more attractive option to teenagers. While adults may have the patience and temperament to understand to stick out treatments with braces, with teens, their milestones and events like graduation, high school, university life, and first impressions make them want to always look their best, both in pictures and memories. This makes clear aligners an ideal fit, allowing them to get treatment without restrictions and look great during and after it. 


Here’s why ClearCorrect aligners may be the right fit for your teen:


The most obvious and appealing benefit is the aesthetics clear aligners offer. They are barely noticeable, allowing kids to continue their lives without disruptions while their teeth gradually align for a healthier and more balanced smile. 

Increased Comfort

ClearCorrect aligners are custom-made for your teeth, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. This means easier adjustment to the treatment without the constant feel of metal. Additionally, the smooth material and lack of wires do not cause gum abrasion or discomfort with constant rubbing and poking.


No Food Restrictions!

Clear aligners must be removed for eating or drinking anything except water. This means no dietary restrictions or staying away from your favourite foods. Just remove your aligners, eat what you want, clean your teeth and put them back in!

Easier Oral Hygiene 

Oral hygiene is easier and quicker with clear aligners. All your kid needs to do is remove them for brushing and flossing and pop them back in. The aligners must also be cleaned to maintain oral hygiene. 

Fewer Dentist Visits  

Another advantage that parents will probably love more than tier kids is fewer visits to the dentist. Since you will be given a series of aligners at the beginning of the treatment, there’s no need to visit the dentist for regular adjustments as with braces. Your dentist will set periodic appointments to monitor your kid’s progress, but they may not be as frequent as with a braces treatment. 

Things to Consider Before Getting a ClearCorrect Treatment for Your Teen 

As with any dental treatment, it’s important to consider a few things before committing to it. They include:

Patient Compliance 

ClearCorrect aligners must be worn 22 hours every day to get results. Not doing so can affect your treatment timeline and the final outcome. Since braces are permanently attached to your teeth, they work 24/7, applying pressure to move the teeth. Clear aligners are removable. This may lead to your teen forgetting to put them back in or taking them out for more than 2 hours. That time is only for eating or maintaining your oral hygiene. It’s essential to make your kid understand this and ensure they are fully committed to the treatment. 


Clear aligners are more suitable for mild to moderate orthodontic issues such as crooked or gapped teeth. Severe malocclusions and jaw misalignments may still require braces. Your dentist is the best person to guide you on the most appropriate treatment for your teenager. 


ClearCorrect aligners are often more expensive than braces because of the customisation and material. They need to be cleaned and stored correctly to prevent bacteria from getting on the teeth. Taking the aligners out to eat or brush your teeth and forgetting where they are or misplacing them can lead to expensive replacements and delays in the treatment. Also, consuming hot drinks or food with aligners can warp the plastic material. Your teen must be responsible enough to consistently wear the aligners and care for them and their teeth throughout treatment. 

A Brief Overview of the Do’s and Don’ts 

  • 22 hours of consistent wear is required
  • Remove for eating and cleaning the teeth
  • Clean your teeth after every meal 
  • Dont eat or drink anything except for water with your aligners on
  • Clean and store the aligners to prevent damaging or losing them
  • Always clean your aligners with soap and warm water to remove bacteria 
  • Stick to your follow-up appointments, and don’t hesitate to discuss your concerns or any issues with your dentist. 

Leaving teeth misalignments unchecked can cause the teeth to shift and lean towards the empty gaps, becoming more crooked or gappy. This can lead to increased wear and oral issues like cavities and gum problems because of the difficulties in cleaning between misaligned teeth. Contact Blue Gum Dental Clinic for tailored teeth straightening treatments with ClearCorrect Aligners. 

Hassle-Free Teeth Straightening with ClearCorrect Aligners  

Ready to take the first step towards a straighter, healthier smile? If your kid has been showing resistance to getting braces because of the obvious appearance, book a consultation with our Brentwood dentists today.

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